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We are still over the moon at our recent Kickstarter success! We are so grateful to receive financial support from so many – we are truly thankful, and very excited.

We have lots of plans in motion at HONK!TX, some of them are super-secret, all of them are splendiferous, and we will be sharing the news as we can. Keep checking in!

Now as we return to Earth, it’s time to put plans in motion and that means sending out first call out for housing volunteers. If you’ve never played host to a band, we’re here to tell you it is one of the absolute most rewarding things you can do. Not only does it help HONK!TX, but letting some or all the members of a HONK! band stay with you for a few days often leads to new knowledge and fast friendships.

If you find that hard to believe, consider that there’s a 60 page paper on the subject of playing host to HONK!TX bands, and it’s full of positive testimonials. Some of our host-band match-ups are so successful that they request each other the next year.

BUT we still have lots of musicians that needs some soft spaces to rest their heads during the festival (and some are happy with floor space too!). This is an opportunity for you, as an envoy of Austin, to play host to an eclectic group of musicians that are here to play free music for three days. It is an opportunity to experience a group of people who enjoy and practice generosity. And, most importantly, it’s a lot of fun.

If you are interested in hosting members of a visiting band, please fill out our housing form by clicking here. If you have hosted before, don’t forget to fill out the bottom part! We cannot guarantee assignments, but we do consider preferences.

A few important notes about housing this year:

* Bands range in size from 8 to 40 members

* Whenever possible, bands like to be either housed together, or in close proximity to one another.

* For bands who do not have their own transportation, we try to put them as close to festival activities as possible. This means we seek out and give preference to hosts in the East / Downtown / Central Austin areas.

* Traveling bands are charged for extra luggage, and since they’re playing for free, they prefer to not have to bring bedrolls. If you have access to extra mattresses / cushions / air mattresses / egg crates, please let us know as it’s an important consideration.

* Conversely, if you are outside of our normal housing area, but you have sheets / blankets / pillows / soft cushiony things / a pile of stuffed animals that you can donate for the week of HONK!TX, please let us know!

* If you live outside of our normal housing area, but you can help transport your hosted band, we encourage you to sign up.

* If you have a quirky or unusual space capable of hosting 10-25 people, please, oh please, let us know.

We are also doing something special this year, and we’re looking for the right person or people to help us out: we would like to host the first-ever HONK!-Lympic Village. We envision this as a tent city (where the tents are supplied) in an open space (with access to showers, bathrooms, and cooking) where musicians who wish to can socialize during the off hours of the festival and get to know each other better. Our strong preference is that it be a space close to town, or somewhere with ready transportation to HONK!TX venues. If you think this could be you, please let us know.

We are in the habit of thanking our community profusely, because without you, this festival is not possible. If you’ve ever thought about hosting couchsurfers, or you just enjoy meeting new people, we highly encourage you to consider hosting a band. Check out the form by clicking here.
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Mike*Antares and Alison Earnhart

Your HONK!TX 2013 Housing Coordinators


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